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Sunday, February 28, 2010

One thing - The Petit Marche

In a corner of the Marais behind the magnificent Place  des Vosges is a side street leading off one axis called Rue Bearne, there you will find Le Petit Marche, damn pleased you will be too. This is a neighbourhood joint, a safe pair of hands, preparing plat de jours, and some regular mainstays. I go there for one thing only, the Chicken Salad. Here is a picture of it...look closely, the sesames black and white, the crunchy chinese and red cabbages the crispy wontons, the dressing and the roast chicken dark and white meats and the duo of chervil and chive snipped on top.

They make a splendid char-grilled skewers of monk fish and tiger prawns, and fab mash potatoes too. Every corner needs its own Petit Marche but only one can give you this killer salad.

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