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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

LUNCH TODAY Violon D'Ingres

A Dutchman and a Scott joined me for lunch, when it works the Eurostar is quite facile. Christian Constant's Michelin one star in the 7th was the scene of the crime. The kitchen (open) was a buzz when I arrived with wafting whiffs perfuming the joint. Christian his judge of TOP CHEF France with begins on M6 next week. I started with a magnificent Crudo of Oysters and Sea Bass.
Dutch boy started off with Bass and Oyster Crudo quite awash with the sea's iodine!

Contre Filet on the Rotesserie with Truffles and Carrots 
This is the kind of comfort food that insulates from the wind and blowing drizzle, the burned edges of the warm rare crimson steak was cut with sweetness from the almost confit'ed carrot.

This was my main course Caramelised Scallops, on crispy bacon, ratte potatoes and Black TRUFFLE

Oh TATIN, can anything be so exquisitely welcoming to finish a meal on, oh there is one thing.....

A Vanilla Souffle with salted caramel poured through the middle.
You see it makes sense to have a certain intimacy with those you dine. It's the best way to poach a taste!

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