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When a plate of food is put before me, I photograph it immediately. This blog, decodes my favorite dishes. It's a happy blog, as I predominantly show you pictures of the winners, the ones I love,

My Greatest Plates!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


It's funny to me that around 12.00 each day I figure out what I want to eat for lunch. Sometimes it is something I whip up myself, like last night when I cooked a rocking Penne Amatriciana with wonderful smoky bacon, onion and tomato sauce. I few minutes ago, my work mates from London called to say they were in Paris and available for lunch. Soooo I thought, where shall we go or rather what does my mind/tummy (sometimes entwined) want to be tantalized with. After lunch the pictures. S


  1. Without doubt Steven you are one of the greatest foodies i've ever met...and I miss your cooking x

  2. Well, that be true on both accounts.. I find that food often tastes better shared amongst friends and in good company!! So when will you be in PARIS or Monaco?