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Monday, February 22, 2010

Hokkaido Gyoza and Ramen Shop

There is something quite nurturing to me about certain foods, I feel safe and comforted. I find that Gyoza; well made Gyoza and steaming ramen broth go a long way to insulate from life's sharper edges. In Paris, there is a Japanese quarter near Opera whose median is the Rue St Anne that is packed with grocery shops, travel agents and restaurants.

Higuma (Also spectacular) is the Ramen 200+ seater but it is Hokkaido Ramen that is more delicate, less industrial and more personable. Altogether more Japanese!  The menu is broader and in my book has more finesse than Higuma. The dumplings rely less on garlic and more on fragrant veggies and seasonings to send the taste soaring.  I love making a dipping sauce of sesame, japanese chili oil, white vinegar and soy for the Gyoza. The ramen is filled with freshly julienned ginger and flavor packed pork. The tatsuta age (Fried Chicken) is fried dry crisp and served with an excellent Japanese slaw and homemade tonkatsu sauce. Hokkaido is a yum station if ever there was one.

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  1. Puts my Yo Sushi that I had last week opposite St Pauls to shame