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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Schwartz Deli Marais Paris

Woke up with a Deli desire today. I thought I'd check out 
Schwartz Deli the Marais New boy! 
It actually looks quite hip, but as for the food the menu is a karaoke of a deli!  Menu is on the shortish side. If truth be told and I must fess up, The Pastrami Sandwich billed as BEST in Paris was damn delicious, with good sauerkraut and a Kosher pickle on the side! Service is french rather than NY but we are in Paris afterall. Burger was so good, with a real grilled taste NB Perhaps the best I have tasted so far in PARIS; and the Cheesecake was spiked with a cinnamon crust....

I would make some additions to the menu pronto. EGG MAYONAISE SALAD/Sandwich (The FRENCH LURRRRRVE THIS), TUNA SALAD and CHICKEN SALAD (With Celery, pickle and mayo a la USA) for start. So much is here, great location 16 rue Des Ecouffes but the menu needs more deli ITEMS Owners take note!

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