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Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Shepard's Pie or Hachis Parmentier as it is called in France

Wow at around 6 this evening the chorus of Hachis was sounded, so it had to be made. First I sauteed four large red onions with three star anise, (thank you Heston) once caramelised I brown two or three chopped: carrots, leaks, ribs of celery. Two cloves of garlic, some thyme, rosemary and three shallots.
after this browns it too joins the onions. (All with olive oil) I season my meat (good ground beef )with MALDON salt and fresh black pepper and brown it in a little olive oil. Then I mix all of these three batches together and heat on taste to correct the seasoning at this point I also add some white wine.  I worked a quarter cup of Lea and Perrins, some celery salt in it as well. I add stock  to make the gravy. Then I slake in a little potato starch with water to thicken the sauce just a tad. Potatoes are the BINGT variety for mash I like floury varieties which then get smushed with milk, creme fraiche, butter and MALDON smoked salt. Before I cover the mince I top  with a few further shakes of Worcestershire sauce, a little white wine and some dark balsamic. Then I cover with my mash finally scrulpting the top with a fork back and forth. I put the pan in the over (190c) for 25 minuted to brown. YUM

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