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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Style and substance Le Train Bleu

You've heard it said - "Eat in Style" I guess they were talking about the LE TRAIN BLEU!

In the Gare de Lyon; tgv central is also high on le Belle Epoque, built a 100+  years ago for the 1900 expo period this eatery is a paradox to its surroundings. On one side the trains on the other Paris. The artwork of the period is filled with landscapes of the various destinations served by the station. Scenes of the last Mr Bean (Goes on Vacation) were filmed here too.



You are left speechless that a train station can also cradle such a foody destination. Only in New York's Grand Central Station has the train been so well fed! The menu is a veritable trip in the past, silver trollies wheel leg's of this and that about the cavernous dining room.  Carving is table side and the service is simply white glove impeccable. I tried breast of veal, slow roasted at 64 degrees for 8 hours with shallot and cep (Porcini) sauce and mashed potatoes, this was serious yum!


Steak Tartare, also prepared tableside is a stonker. Handcut fries (see the uneven chips) and a wonderfully seasoned salad go the mile with the beef. Cornichons, mustard, oil, capers, parsley, salt, tabasco, pepper and shallots complete this meaty amalgam.

The menu is long and inviting and they even do a cool sunday brunch. So if you happen to be coming or going with a little time on your hands, connect to your tgv via the Train Bleu, a choo-choo that has not pulled out of the station since it got there!!!

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