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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Le Cote Jardin The good deal lunch in Monaco

Hidden behind a winding corridor inside the Hotel De Paris you will come upon the Cote Jardin, it's become the surprising power lunch spot in Monaco; where the room is peppered with government suits, business men and local residents. The quality of food, the stellar service and the price (49 euros) makes it the lunch deal in town. When it's warm, the Jardin spills open and you can eat al fresco. Perfect for April-May - September-October.

Above mini proven├žal omelettes and roasted cherry tomatoes.

The lineup always includes two hot pasta dishes - here tortolloni.

Some Rouget with a balsamic reduction
This was egg plant (Aubergine) Napoleons.

A classy warm blinis station for the smoke salmon

You also get your choice of two meat main courses, here roast pork with potatoes Grand Mere which was just delicious, spuds sauteed with bacon, carrots and artichokes. There is also a vegetarian option such as risotto of the day. What really is splendiferous is that the same effort goes into the dessert station.

I like the fact that nothing is piles of anything but rather little platters that are constantly being warmed, refilled and often changed completely when something runs out. This is the all you can eat Monaco style and I love it!

Cote Jardin
In the Hotel De Paris
Casino Square
Monte Carlo

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