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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Auberge de Dully A one trick pony since 1964

If a restaurant banks its reputation for doing one thing right, they have simply got to nail it every service.

I'm in awe of the Auberge de Dully on the Banks of lake Geneva.

This humble inn of a place (They have 8 rooms) started as a dairy making cheese, in 1840, it first opened as a wine house, in 1905 it installed the towns first public telephone line. In 1959 the Charriere family were holed up in the joint as guests and duly decided to cross the rubicon and buy the joint. They completed this purchase in 1970 when they also bought the cellar and vineyard Chateau de Dully. In 1989 son Nicholas stepped  up to the crease and carried on this family tradition by taking over the management.

So I can hear you wonder what has this one trick poney got that I may want. Well truth be told two things, one salty and the other sweet! Here is the menu!

Chicken, roast fire, twirling spits, heat,  getting a sense of this? Let me show you a picture then...

I got another too..

Here another angle!

Can you feel the heat, the noise, the smell of chicken, skin all crisp and crackling?

It's super important that click on the picture of the Chicken on the platter above, in that way you will be able to see the chicken up close and personal like, okay, okay it's not the same as being there but even the good old internet has limitations! See the gravy under the bird?

Did I mention the Rosti? Oh yea I almost forgot! Burned crisp,  just enough, this is what all hash browns are descended from, the hash brown missing link, the Darwining proof if ever anyone needed it that Hash browns the world over evolved from Swiss rosti...

So let's add it up, some of the best roasted chicken in the world, spit fired over wood, crispy rosti, a green salad (forgot to mention that) with a bold mustard vinaigrette in a bijou crammed pack little gem of a restaurant that has been doing the same thing with stellar service since 1964! I don't know of many places that have nothing further to perfect! Pretty unique so far but then comes dessert and we get to grips with second dish  a world famous (yes I said world famous) tarte a la creme or cream tart  to you and me!

This is one of the most insane taste sensations that has ever sold itself as dessert. A butterscotch tart would approximate the fixings going on here..The thinnest of crust layered with sugary caramel which is then topped by cream that cooks brown. This is an insane pudding! Served pizza pie piping hot, straight out of the oven, the taste is, dare I say it even more memorable than the chicken. In fact as I was eating it I thought of ways in which I could come by and only eat tart without looking competely ridiculous! It is not cloying or too sweet, some of the cream burns and mixes with the sugar underneath (by design) and then changes the tastes in that particular bite. This is a global top ten dessert!

Auberge De Dully
+41 21 824 1149
Closed all day Wednesday
Dinner only Monday to Friday
Lunch and dinner Sat-Sun
20 minutes past Geneva Airport direction Lausanne