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Friday, March 12, 2010

Drouant, Drouant!!!

Consistency, service and fair pricing must be the touchstone of any great dining establishment, if you also get to add, great food, ambiance, decor and valet parking (Hey this is Paris) one pretty much has the whole package wrapped.

Drouant hits all the above and more. The Euros 43.00 lunch is superb three course value. This is the home of Alsation Antoine Westermann!!

After ordering the chef comes over and nixed my choice, suggesting I avail myself of Paté en croute, I usually steer well clear of brioched mystery meat but decided to follow mine hosts suggestion. Boy was I a happy bunny that I did so too.

From the top of the terrine layers and layers of flavor starting with a super buttery flaky pastry intensely extracted veal jelly, paté, a slice of moist ham, and duck fois gras, peppered throughout with green pistachios. This is so unbelievable good,  the countryside on a plate.  The flavors lingered on my palate for more than a minute of each bite. I was told afterwards that 12 herbs and spices are used to develop the meat flavors. It was on a scale of supergood and yum combined.

For main course: Quasi de Veau,  Veal with carrots and sage.
Was that how you thought it would look?  Mushrooms and wilted spinach anchored the dish skilfully. If you look closely and you can by clicking on the meat above you will see the attention to detail as the meat has been re-seasoned after cutting, there are the grains of salt and pepper invigorating my lunch.

I was sent out two desserts both on the Apple theme, first a Apple melba.
Granny Smith Sorbet, apple sauce and calvados whipped cream topping with a health dose of vanilla for good measure running from north to south.

This apple pie was spiffy as well call it a Normande style. The menu is highly seasonal and specials change daily, there is no risk in going here, always at the top of it's game. 

18 Rue Gaillon, 75002 Paris, France 0033 1 42 65 15 16

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