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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tang Freres the Fresh Source of Asia in Paris

Tang Freres (Tang Brothers) is the source of most imported asian produce in Paris. They are the largest asian supermarket west of China! Originally from Laos and with the Main store in the 13th quarter at 48, avenue d'Ivry 75013 Paris
Tel: 33-1-45-70-80-00
Huge parking under the premises as well!!

If its Thai, from Vietnam or China, they have it fresh! Alladin's cave that champions and inspires the cook in you..

What a learning curve, you have to keep pinching yourself to remind yourself that you are still in Paris.

Here a rows of green herbs. Many I simply don't know how to use, but testing and trying them is part of the fun. On this trip I learn't about Hairy Basil, a cross between thai basil and lemon grass. Below some this incredible bounty!
Banana Flowers
Can somebody let me know about this Rao Ram (Phak Pheo) Vietnamese Cilantro
I'd love to figure out how to use that!
I want to show you some of the fresh fruit on offer too.

 This is Jack Fruit
Saboutier tastes like a collision of date and Kiwi

A vietnamese "Sugar Apple"
Here Cinnamon Apples, I wonder how one would use these? Any ideas?
Every packaged sauce, and condiments you can imagine is featured on aisle after aisle of brands that are unfamiliar and proffer a steep learning curve. You really are on your own, though I have had to ask other shoppers for advice, albeit sometimes they look at me bemused and laugh me off with a "don't be so silly" look!

On this occasion I used the Tang Freres goodies for a superb salad. Hope you enjoy this recipe! It's a keeper

Vietnamese Chili Chicken Herby Mint Salad

Poach 2 kilos of chicken breast in enough water to cover with three thai chilis, a red onion cut in four, 5 sticks of lemon grass bruised with the back of a knife, the stalks of two bunches of coriander, four pieces of roughly chopped Galangal (Thai Ginger)  and a big bunch of thai basil.  BOIL UNTIL just cooked through then remove chicken from the stock, to cool on a rack. Reserve the stock for thai Yom Gai soup if you want or freeze.

The salad
1 Head of CHINESE CABBAGE julienned
  4  carrots sliced on a mandolin to make ribbons
  250 grams of bean sprouts
 2  Bunches of Spring onions (Cebettes)
 1 Bunch of Coriander
 1 Bunch of mint sizzle cut

 1 bunch thai basil
 1 1 trevise/radiccio julienned

3 THAI red chilli, seeded and minced
2 fat garlic clove, peeled and minced
4 tbsp sugar (Prefer PALM SUGAR)
1/3 cup  rice vinegar
Juice of 10 limes about to produce a cup of juice and the juice of one large lemon
1/3 cup  Vietnamese or Thai fish sauce (nuoc nam or nam pla)
1/3  vegetable oil sunflower is good
1 Red Onion, finely sliced
black pepper
  3 bunches of mint leaves only   
  2 bunches of thai basil leaves only
  2 bunches of coriander destalked

Put the herbs for the dressing in a food processor with a few spoon of the oil and pulse slowly to control the effect. You must avoid it pulping or liquidizing, herbs must remain as finely chopped herbs

In a bowl, combine the chilli, garlic, sugar, vinegar, lime/lemon juice, fish sauce, oil and onion, black pepper. Taste to see if the balance of sugar, spice, vinegar, citrus is right!, you can always add a bit more of any ingredient.

Add the herbs to the bowl and mix all together.

slice thinly or shred the chicken and transfer to the dressing and mix it making sure to soak all the chicken in the dressing. Put in fridge for an hour

Arrange the cabbage, sprouts,  carrots and treviso on a plate interlacing herbs and spring onion within the cabbage. Leave a hole in the middle of the plate and fill that with the chicken.

cover with any remaining herbs!

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