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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Yoshi Monaco Eclipses NOBU

I am so impressed by Robuchon's Nippon Dalliance, he's on point and his plating is breathtaking. 

Ultra fresh fish that is full of sublime, silken-subtlety, nuance and presence. His sashimi selection soars, and celebrates the simplicity and complexity of the selection with splendour and majesty. (See the picture below). A "simple" chicken soup is elevated to a stratospheric level of umami with a magic broth that I believe has reparative powers! Every grain of rice has been meticulously loved and prepared. His rice seasoning balances the sourness of rice vinegar, with the ultra white grains, each seemly separate (look at Maki rolls pictures in close up) yet together in harmony cradling the fish.

I am in awe! 

Yoshi is an oasis of calm, with a mantra like devotion to the fresh and fabulous. The lighting makes everyone elegant! Efficient for a business lunch, super for friendly get together but easily orgiastic with a lover! Having eaten and raved about Nobu - Monaco recently one must give credit where it's due and recognise that Yoshi is the Principalities champion of Japanese gastronomy and Mr Robuchon is the Maestro with a chopstick as a baton, conducting this symphony!

RESTAURANT YOSHIHôtel Métropole Monte-Carlo4, avenue de la Madone
Tél. (+377) 93 15 13 13
Email :

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