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Sunday, January 9, 2011

M:brgr Montreal's home of Burger happiness!

There are a lot of pretenders to the burger throne, Jeff Dichter is not one at all! 
He has good reason to be smiling as do his diners as he has created 
M:brgr  A temple to the bun!

Who would have thought I would have found such a great burger joint in Montreal! I'm talking world class good! Great service, that's our waitress above next to owner Jeff. I believe her name was Ariane, she was gooooood! So at M:brgr brilliant recipes, fun food and a deep menu dance together! 

So it will not come as a surprise to you that ordering a burger is a touch more involved that simply cheese or no cheese. The permutations are endless as is the whimsy. 

Perhaps it's better to steer past the hyped $100 Kobe Burger (2  patties, bacon, grilled pear, foie gras, brie, fig jam, asparagus, Piave del vecchio cheese, garlic roasted ham, porcini mushrooms, honey truffle aioli and truffle carpaccio.) PLUS sweet potato fries, regular fries, french fried onions, arugula and cherry tomatoes)with Fois Gras and grilled pear and Truffles 

The first dilemma is to choose your meat. 

Next Choose the wrapping, Whole wheat, white or Lettuce and then review and select the cheese and toppings menu; you might make a u-turn on the part of the menu labeled
 Crazy expensive! It's serendipity!
(see below)

and....just like magic!

So what did I choose? After some scrutiny I went for caramelized onions and blue torta mascapone/Gorgonzola cheese cradled by killer white buns! 
Click on the picture above for a closeup You want one don't you!

A pulled pork sandwich, that would not shame a North Carolinian! The home made pickle relish is an exquisite foil for the dusky umami rich  smoked BBQ unctuosity!

Beyond the burger M:brgr has a proper well thought out menu and in the interest of you dear reader I delved!

Mac and cheese was a guilty pleasure!
Gargantuan al dente Macaroni, showered with shaved parmesan spiked with pungent white truffle oil

Chicken Tikka Tacos were fragrant and spicy!

Sweet potato and onion fries were moorish, piping hot and correctly salted!

Quebec's famous Poutine with homemade gravy, no comment!

This is the scene of the crime!
M:brgr- Is a gastronomic Cirque de Soleil!

Desserts were outrageous! A huge hunk of home made Chocolate cake, was dark and drowned in a wet chocolatey glisten, thankfully they serve it with an ice cold shot of milk! God, I miss the frosting!

Here, a deep dish chocolate cookie, served piping hot of course with first class vanilla ice cream! Which promptly melted all over the cookie!

The Tiramisu here would not have been out of place in Rome, Milan, or Venice - it was a textbook execution with properly dunked coffee soaked ladies-fingers and an overflowing marscapone tophat,  with what I thought was the faintest hint of Marsala - all dusted with cocoa!
Really, really good!

I made some happy discoveries in Montreal and will be writing further on these restaurants in reviews to come but M:brgr is safely ensconced in my little black book of great world eateries.... 

It has superb bar and hilarious generous cocktails and it's kid friendly, the prices don't gouge, I like the whole package here! Well done Jeff!

Tel.+1 514.906.2747


2025 DRUMMOND • MONTREAL, QC • H3G1W6 • t.514.90m.brgr (514.906.2747)

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